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Why Innovative Learning?

Enable Smart Schooling

With our K12 Education, School can start the smart schooling concept. Smart Schooling is one of the most effective learning solution for the students.

No Investment, Its Free

As we aimed to transformed the schooling, We are not charging an association fee from first 200 Schools. Its first come first serve basis. So Join Today!

Upto 25 Lakh Yearly Revenue

School can run our multiple programs in their schools. We are providing our services on our base prices. School can add their profit margins and make good revenue

Free from Competition

If you offer our services in your school. You will be one of the most unique school in your area. It will save you from today's tough competition

Increase the Admissions

Schools can add our programs in their yearly curriculum by increasing some fee. When you show our features to the students, It helps you to get more admissions

No Accountability

Our programs are completely based on Smart Schooling EdTech Approach. So you don't need to hire additional staff. You will not have any teaching responsibility.

How Innovative Schools can Increase the Revenue by 50 Lakh / Year?

  • By Adding our multiple¬† Programs in the schools, you can earn additional Upto 25 Lakh/Yearly
  • By Using our Features in your Advertisement you can increase the number of admissions by 25% which can be a 25 Lakh/Yearly

School will get the "Certificate of Association"

Certificate of Franchise ISP

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